We would like to be able to sell new vehicles without restriction to anyone who wished to buy from us.

However, our franchise agreement with Acura prohibits us from selling new vehicles for export out of the United States.  Therefore, we cannot sell new vehicles to brokers or individuals who intend to import to Canada or any other country.

We are allowed to sell new vehicles to anyone - regardless of nationality - so long as they intend to register the vehicle in the United States.  For example, if you are a Canadian with a winter home in Florida or a summer home in upstate New York, we can sell you a new vehicle as long as you tell us that you intend to register the car here in the U.S.  You must provide us with that valid address, and we must make out all paperwork to you at that address.  We will provide you with an in-transit plate allowing you to drive the car for 30 days pending final registration.  

Under no circumstances are we allowed to sell new vehicles to "known auto brokers" or "known exporters" even if they provide us with a U.S. address.

There are no restrictions on the sale of used, or certified pre-owned vehicles.  However, Northeast Acura does not get involved in any import or export issue with any vehicle sold.  Canadians intending to buy a vehicle here and bring it back to Canada must research and comply with all import laws themselves.

We are not able to provide financing for non-U.S. citizens.  All purchases must be paid in full via wire transfer or U.S. bank check.  We do not charge any sales tax as long as the vehicle is to be registered outside of New York.

If you have ANY questions regarding this issue, please contact Jason Mueller, the company's Sales Manager.  His direct dial number is 518.785.4105.