Northeast Acura -

Social Networking and our interest in you.



Northeast Acura is on Facebook, Youtube, even Twitter...You've heard us asking for your email address and you have to know, we are not stalkers...We don't share your emails with anyone, but Acura...We recognize that most of our clients live and play in this space...and we won't take advantage of our friendship!

We are in fact trying to add value to our relationship, by posting video content about your Acura, its technology and how to use it, as well as addressing issues that we hear you and other customers asking about or needing help with.  Pairing your phone.  Setting up your voice name a few good examples.  We're trying to communicate helpful stuff that enables you to connect with your vehicle and your life!

Become a fan of Northeast Acura.  Give us feedback if you watch our video and find it helpful.  We have a simple agenda...To improve your ownership experience and make it easier for you to use the services we provide.